Machine Construction and Automation

Eurocon CNC & Process offers construction of machinery and automation, and customizes solutions according to your needs. We develop and design unique solutions such as specially developed machinery according to our customers’ specifications. Among other things, we have supplied:

  • Taping machines
  • Adhesive machines
  • Assembly and installation equipment
  • Riveting equipment
  • Test equipment
  • Robot systems and accessories

Robot Grippers

Our competence basis is comprehensive; therefore, we also offer to develop robot grippers for any purpose – mechanical grippers as well as vacuum grippers.

  • Polishers
  • Grinding machines
  • Handling of blanks
  • Vacuum grippers
  • Blank grippers for plastic processing machines


Eurocon CNC & Process offers to produce and design all kinds of tools for companies of all sizes. Thanks to our extensive experience and state-of-the-art machinery, we can produce a variety of high-quality tools.

A good and dynamic development process is crucial to us – therefore, we keep up a close dialogue with you all the way. From concept over design to the finished product.

  • Cutting / punching tool
  • Bending tools
  • Thermoforming tools

Manufacture of Fixtures

Do you want us to produce a clamping tool in the shape of a fixture? Eurocon CNC & Process would be happy to help you. We are well aware that the correct design of a fixture is an essential condition of obtaining the best production and economy when your company engages in serial production of blanks. Through a close dialogue, we therefore do our utmost to understand the daily routines for which your fixtures are used – this ensures a long lifetime and an optimal ROI.

  • Vacuum fixtures
  • Robot welding fixtures
  • Metering fixtures
  • Hydraulic and mechanical clamping fixtures

Reverse engineering

If there is no 3D documentation available for a specific blank, Eurocon has the technology to perform reverse engineering. We scan the blank and prepare 3D drawings. A quick shortcut during a development project, as we can make a complete digital model of a blank in a short time.

  • Old machine components
  • Manually produced design models
  • Vital spare parts
  • Manually adapted blanks

Manufacture of Prototypes

Eurocon produces prototypes and design models made of aluminium, plastic, brass, and other exotic materials as required. We have experience in the manufacture of prototypes for a variety of industries, e.g.

  • Offshore
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Wind turbine industry