Vi hjælper dem der passer på os

Udvikling, test og fremstilling af specialudstyr som sikrer at de personer som står i den skarpe ende af verden, altid har det ultimative udstyr til rådighed.

The linker

Soldiers and operators can belt cartridge on their own

In the past, it was a factory-ordered item. Now we have develop the Linker which makes belting cartridges possible at the barracks, shooting range, on a table, or during transportation in a truck.

The Linker requires no equipment. It is robust, does not take up much space and is easy to operate.

A fast and efficient solution

  • Delivered as one unit
  • Takes one minute to prepare
  • Links 20 at a time
  • Weighs 18.6 kg

Up to 1200 links per hour
The Linker is already used by the Danish Defence and is the perfect solution for simple and efficient belting.

Flexible bullet trap

Various training locations
– only the sky is the limit

Houses, appartments, shopping centers, cars
– a flexible bullet trap provides flexibility in training and opens up various possibilities at different locations.

Safety is our top priority
High ergonomic standards
Good working environment


  • 0-1500 mm, continuous adjustability featuring a flexible and multi-purpose bullet trap
  • Up to .338 caliber
  • Weighs 118 kg
  • Safe from ricochet and debris
  • Slows down and halts bullets without spray or fragmentation
  • Assembly/de-assembly without tools
  • Can be lifted without equipment
  • Can be stacked on a EUR pallet

The portable unit simulates lifelike scenarios and only takes 2 persons to set up and operate. The flexible bullet trap contributes to a good working environment for users, and its placement on a handcart makes it flexible and easy to transport.