Pipe & Welding services

pipe and welding services

This department possesses, as the name indicates, a significant knowledge within the construction of pipe systems, and certified welding.

In this area we have completed a series of pipe constructions for combined heat and power plants, as well as the construction of industrial refrigeration plants and treatment plants for among others the food industry and automatic mink farm feeding systems.

Eurocon Pipe & Welding offers solutions within the area of:

  • Combined heat and power plants
  • Industrial refrigeration plants
  • Construction of process installations for the food industry
  • Construction of pipe and pump units
  • District heating/pipe technology
  • Offshore work
  • All types of pressure compression installations
  • Certified welding of all metals
  • Adhesive bonding and welding of all plastic materials


Eurocon Rør & Svejs ApS
Rasmus Færchs vej 22
DK-7500 Holstebro

Carsten Jacobsen
Phone: +45 70 22 11 02

Peter Katholm
Phone: +45 21 34 16 60


Eurocon er godkendt efter EN 3834-2 samt EN 1090 og vores smede er certificeret i henhold til PED-kravene.

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