Eurocon Pipe & Welding – references

Below you will get an overview of some companies that Eurocon Pipe & Welding has serviced.

Various refrigeration equipment and processing and air plants.

  • Various industry refrigeration equipment in Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland
    Glycol and ammonia plants.
  • Sonofon Aalborg
    Construction of refrigeration plant with piping in the ground.
  • Sonofon Kolding
    Construction of refrigeration plant with piping in the ground.
  • Danisco
    Construction of refrigeration plant and distribution net.
    Dimensions: E21-E600, carbonsteel.
  • Oticon Thisted
    Construction of refrigeration unit and distribution net.
    Dimensions E21-E168, made of plastic and steel.
  • KMD
    Pipe plant for refrigeration plant for server room.
    Dimensions Ø21- Ø219, carbonsteel.
    Extension of cooling tower plant.
    Dimensions Ø21-Ø1000, stainless/ carbonsteel.
    Recirculation plant.
    Dimensions Ø21- Ø400, carbonsteel./stainless.
  • Danisco
    Construction of dehumidification plant and distribution net.
    Dimensions Ø21-Ø219, carbonsteel./stainless.
  • KMD
    Pipe plant for refrigeration plant for upflow coolers.
    Dimensions Ø21-Ø200, PE Pipes/galvanized pipes.
  • IBM Ballerup A/S
    Pipe mounting for DF units.
  • Københavns Energi – HOFOR (Greater Copenhagen Utility)
    New refrigeration plant in Adelgade.
    Dimensions Ø21-Ø506, carbonsteel.
  • Dimensions Ø100-Ø1000, PE pipes.
    Reconstruction of distribution pipe system.
    Dimensions Ø21-Ø168, stainless/ carbonsteel.
  • IBM Danmark A/S
    Pipe plant for new Downflow Units in MS-8.
    Dimensions Ø21-Ø273, carbonsteel pipes.
  • IBM Danmark A/S
    Pipe plant for new Downflow Units in MS-6 and MS-7.
    Dimensions Ø21-Ø219, carbonsteel pipes.
  • NNIT A/S
    Pipe plant for refrigeration units and dry coolers.
    Pipe plant in server rooms.
    Dimensions Ø21-Ø355, carbonsteel pipes.
    DONG Avedøreværket
    Air pressure pipes for ashing plant AVV Block 2
    Dimensions Ø21-Ø114, Stainless/ carbonsteel.
  • IBM Danmark A/S
    Mechanical and Ventilation Works
    for UPS-1.3 and Raw Mains.
    Dimensions Ø21-Ø168, carbonsteel pipes.
  • Leo Pharma A/S
    Process and supply pipe systems.
    Dimensions Ø12-Ø219, stainless/ carbonsteel.
  • Danisco A/S, Grindsted
    Optimization of the cooling system and cooling Enzyme 2
    Dimensions Ø89-Ø406, carbonsteel.
  • Maabjerg BioEnergy Drift A/S
    Pipes, reversers, and pumps.
    Dimensions Ø32-Ø355, PE pipes.
    Dimensions Ø21-Ø168, carbonsteel/stainless.
  • IBM Danmark A/S
    Mechanical Works.
    Pipe work and DF units in MS-1.
    Dimensions Ø21-Ø168, carbonsteel.
  • KMD Ballerup Datacenter
    Pipe plant for cold water.
    Server room DC 3C.
    Dimensions Ø75- Ø160, PE pipes/galvanized pipes.
  • Flystation Karup (Airbase Karup)
    Reconstruction and renovation of fuel piping.
    Dimensions Ø60-Ø168, carbonsteel pipes

Combined heat and power plants (CHP)

  • Skive CHP
    3 pcs. 3.4 MW gas engine installed.
  • Skive District Heating
    Pump room (Dimensions 219/323 mm)
  • Gram CHP
  • Blåbjerg Biogas Plant
  • Viborg CHP
    Gas installation/refrigeration system on gas turbine.
  • Frederikssund CHP
    Mechanical assembly.
  • Hyllinge - Menstrup CHP
    Mechanical assembly.
  • Skive CHP
    Mechanical assembly.
  • Frederikssund CHP
    Reconstruction after an explosion.
  • Holsted CHP
    Reconstruction after an explosion.
  • Helsinge CHP
    Mechanical assembly. Manufacturing of silencers.
  • Nordforbrænding Hørsholm (incineration plant)
    Mechanical assembly of GSA plant/steel assembly.
  • Studstrupværket DONG Energy
    Studstrup, DeNOx, low pressure pipes.
  • Maabjerg Energy Centre, Dong Energy
    Waste water treatment plant.
    Dimensions Ø21-Ø219 carried out in C-PVC plastic and black and stainless steel pipes.

Framework agreements

  • - Novo Nordisk
  • - AarhusKarlshamn Denmark A/S

Overall solutions

  • Feed plant Limfjorden Støvring
    Refrigeration plant – heat recovery system
    High pressure washing system – process plant
    Ventilation plant – hydraulic plant
    Air system – process water – steam raising boiler plant
    Various steel stuctures, stairs, and tanks

District heating

  • Renovation of district heating cable, Nr. Tranders.
    House 130 channel meter 5600.
  • Renovation of district heating cable, Nr.Tranders/Svenstrup.
    House 150 channel meter 6600.
  • - Renovation of district heating cable, Aalborg Øst and Svenstrup.
    House 41 channel meter 9000.


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