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pipe and welding

As the name implies, Eurocon Pipe & Welding ApS possesses a thorough knowledge of construction of piping systems as well as certificate welding. We have conducted a number of piping jobs for cogeneration power plants as well as construction of industrial refrigeration plants and process plants for the food and medical industries etc.

Eurocon Pipe & Welding offers services within the following areas:

  • Cogeneration power plants
  • Industrial refrigeration plants
  • Construction of process plants for the food industry
  • Construction of process plants for the medical industry
  • Construction of pipe and pump units
  • District heating/pipe technology
  • Offshore works
  • All types of compression installations
  • Certificate welding of all metals
  • Adhesive bonding and welding of all plastic materials


Eurocon Rør & Svejs ApS
Rasmus Færchs vej 22
DK-7500 Holstebro

Carsten Jacobsen
Phone: +45 70 22 11 02

Peter Katholm
Phone: +45 21 34 16 60


Eurocon er godkendt efter EN 3834-2 samt EN 1090 og vores smede er certificeret i henhold til PED-kravene.

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