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The renovation was going to take place over 14 days during the summer shutdown of the plant. During this period, we were to dismantle the old internal equipment and install a total of approx. 165 tonnes of new steel.

We solved the task by building 3 pcs. mounting racks on the ground, and during a pre-installation period of 8 weeks, we installed the complete sections in the racks.
During the shutdown of the plant, we were to cut off the roof of the old filter, to empty and elevate the filter cabinet and install smoke distribution screens, as well as to install the 3 sections, each weighing 45 tonnes.

Electrode puller

The task was to install approx. 48,000 helicoid electrodes in an electrostatic precipitator in a coal-fired power plant. Due to very limited space between the precipitation plates, it is very difficult to install the electrodes manually. Moreover, there is a great risk that they may be pulled longer than prescribed in this process, resulting in too loose electrodes. Therefore, we have developed an apparatus that is able to install the electrodes on very limited space ensuring that they are pulled in the exact length.

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Other cases

EUROCON Industrial Service ApS has carried out a number of other jobs. Please find some of our cases below:

Installation/new construction of electrostatic precipitators, desulphurization installations, flue gas ducts, cyclones, and ash handling systems.

  • Husum, Sweden, Paper plant
  • Grums, Sweden, Paper plant
  • Varberg, Sweden, Gypsum plant
  • Virton, Belgium, Paper plant
  • Lagny, France, Incineration plant
  • Vendsysselværket, Ålborg, Power plant
  • Vestkraft, Esbjerg, Power plant
  • Nordforbrænding, Hørsholm, Power plant
  • Kommunekemi Nyborg (Municipal chemistry)
  • Tofte – Norway

Overall renovations/optimization of electrostatic precipitators:

  • Obbola Paper Plant, Sweden: 2 filters, total: approx. 125 tonnes.
  • Kommunekemi, Nyborg: 3 filters, total: approx. 150 tonnes.
  • Trieste Steel Plant, Italy, 1 filter, approx. 100 tonnes.
  • ELSAM Herningværket: 1 filter, approx. 80 tonnes.
  • Ortviken Paper Plant, Sweden: 1 filter, approx. 70 tonnes.
  • Tofte Paper Plant, Norway: 2 filters, total: approx. 330 tonnes.
  • Valvik Paper Plant, Sweden: 1 filter, approx. 80 tonnes.
  • DONG Energy A/S, Studstrupværket
  • M-Real Husum Sweden Paper Plant: 2 filters of 70 tonnes.

Service jobs:

Replacement/repairs of hammer, bearings, drives, raping bars, collecting plates, emission system, ash handling system etc.


  • DONG Energy Avedøreværket
  • DONG Energy Stigsnæsværket
  • DONG Energy Slagelse Kraftvarme (CPH)
  • DONG Energy Asnæsværket
  • DONG Energy Masnedøværket
  • DONG Energy Holstebro
  • DONG Energy Herning
  • DONG Energy Esbjerg
  • DONG Energy Grenå
  • DONG Energy Endsted
  • DONG Energy Studstrup
  • Vattenfall Amagerværket
  • Århus Nord Incineration Plant
  • Lynetten Incineration Plant
  • Knudmose Herning
  • Kommunekemi Nyborg (Municipal Chemistry)
  • Danisco, Assens
  • Skive Heating Plant
  • Års Heating Plant
  • Frederikshavn Incineration Plant
  • Hjørring Incineration Plant
  • Gyproc Kalundborg


  • Gallivare Heating Plant
  • Kæhr’s Saw Mill
  • Grum’s Paper Plant
  • Næssjø Heating Plant
  • Husum Paper Plant
  • Sundsvall Paper Plant
  • LKAB Steel Plant Kiruna
  • Kiruna Heating Plant
  • Ørnskjoldsvik Paper Plant
  • Vallvik Paper Plant - Uppsala Energy


  • Hønefoss Paper Plant
  • Oslo Incineration Plant
  • Hallingdal Heating Plant
  • Odda Smelting Plant
  • Tinfors Steel Plant, Norway
  • Sødra cell, Tofte Paper Plant
  • Skien Paper Plant
  • Borregaard Paper Plant


  • Kemijarvi Heating Plant


  • Heidelberg Cement Plant
  • Tyssen Steel Plant
  • Salzgitter Steel Plant
  • Veltheim Power Plant


  • Buggenum Power Plant
  • ENCI Cement Plant


  • Elbeuf Chemical Plant
  • La Maxe Power Plant


  • Leca Pombal Leca Factory
  • Aveiro Pulp Mill


  • Donawitz Steel Plant


  • Houthalen Incineration Plant
  • Argex Leca Factory


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