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Eurocon Industrial Service ApS primarily works with servicing and installation of power plants and in the heavy industry area. Our fitters and welders possess an extensive know-how in installation and service of electrostatic precipitators, transport of materials, silos and cyclones.

We service flue gas cleaning and ash handling plants in many Danish power plants and incinerators as well as power plants, paper plants and steel plants in most of Europe.

For many years, Eurocon has installed electrostatic precipitators in collaboration with FLSmidth Airtech – formerly known as FLS Environment, and through this close cooperation, we have achieved a great insight into filter technology. In October 2004, Eurocon was authorized as an FLSmidth Airtech Service Partner.

SodraCell Tofte
SodraCell Tofte

Case: Wet fly ash

In connection with the power plant at Dong Energy, Studstrup, having to convert from fuelling with coal to biofuel (wood pellets), Eurocon Industrial Service was responsible for building a plant for the stoking of ash from coal-combustion. When re-adjusting the coal-fired power plants with feeding systems for wood pellet firing, is it necessary to add coal fly ash to the mill in order to achieve the best binding of alkali in the flue gas so that the furnace and radiation walls are protected from slags, and pollution of the denox catalyst is reduced.

As there was a demand for using wet ash from old depots, it was decided that the ash had to be diluted with water and fed into the wood pellet mill as an ash slurry. The wet ash arrives by ship and is unloaded at the power plant’s harbor in Studstrup. Subsequently, the wet ash is loaded in the plant delivered by Eurocon Industrial Service, where it is strained, the moisture level is measured, and the ash is weighed out and diluted with water. The finished ash slurry with a water content of approx. 35 % is pumped through a 650-metre-long pipeline, from the harbor to 4 dosing tanks in the kettle cabinet.

Each of the dosing tanks is provided with a recirculation string where a dosing pump is dosing the ash slurry into the respective wood pellet mills. Before we could start the construction of the power plant, we had to build a testing plant in order to determine the viscosity of the ash slurry as well as measure the pressure drop at a pipeline at a given water percentage. This had to be done in order to dimension pumps and pipes as well as to establish a necessary pumping speed in the plant. Tests were conducted with several different ash types, and the mixing plant was dimensioned to be able to mix approx. 50m3 slurry/ hour and the dosing system to feed maximum 280 m3/day.

SodraCell Tofte

Case: Norwegian Soedra Cell - Tofte, Norway

The renovation was going to take place over 14 days during the summer shutdown of the plant. During this period, we were to dismantle the old internal equipment and install a total of approx. 165 tonnes of new steel.

We solved the task by building 3 pcs. mounting racks on the ground, and during a pre-installation period of 8 weeks, we installed the complete sections in the racks.

During the shutdown of the plant, we were to cut off the roof of the old filter, to empty and elevate the filter cabinet and install smoke distribution screens as well as to install the 3 sections, each weighing 45 tonnes.

Case: Electrode puller

The task was to install approx. 48,000 helicoid electrodes in an electrostatic precipitator in a coal-fired power plant. Due to very limited space between the precipitation plates, it is very difficult to install the electrodes manually. Furthermore, there is a great risk that they will be pulled longer than prescribed in this process, resulting in too loose electrodes. Therefore, we have developed an apparatus that is able to install electrodes on very limited space ensuring that they are pulled in the exact length.

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